Reiki for caregivers

The Evoramonte’s Holy House of Mercy in partnership with the Evora’s Portuguese Reiki Association Regional Core, developed a project for the formal caregivers of this institution which is called Reiki for Caregivers. The project promotes Reiki practicing (on a voluntary basis) in the Evoramonte’s Holy House of Mercy and it has as main goal, potentiate the collaborators well-being, aiming to be an extra and valid contribution for their caregivers.
The Reiki therapy has countless benefits, either the relaxation, tiredness, stress management, relieving mental stress and anxiety, This therapy could be as an added value for the professionals of this institution assisting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual demands management of this job of BEING CAREGIVER.


More information

Núcleo Regional de Évora da Associação Portuguesa de Reiki


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