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Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Evoramonte was founded in 1516. Currently, provides its services through social answers: Residential Structure for Elderly and Day Centre, including the elderly and / or people in conditions of socio-economic need.

Quality warranty

The Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Evoramonte is an institution certified by the regulatory EQUASS Assurance, ensuring quality services and care available. Quality is the result of an evolving project, in which the institution believes and assumes with all stakeholders (Stakeholders - Clients and Families, Collaborators, Partners, Community, Financing Entities and Friends).

In this sense Évoramonte Mercy is committed to:

  • Focus on your performance in the quality of life for customers through the implementation of Quality of Life Model;
  • Improving the skills of its employees through continuous training;
  • Maintain the capacity of Social Responses by searching for potential clients;
  • To promote dialogue with all interested parties (Stakeholders) in order to maintain the mutually beneficial relations and the participation of families in the lives of customers;
  • Review annually this policy by the results of the monitoring and evaluations of processes in order, to maintain or change the goals set in the perspective of continuous improvement;
  • Share this policy with all interested parties (Stakeholders) through meetings and media defined in Procedure for communication and information and posted in strategic locations within the institution.

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