Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Evoramonte was founded in 1516, inside the walls of the Castle, It worked as a hospital with a capacity of 10 beds and where deliveries, medical appointments and surgeries were made.

In 1970, the hospital has been deactivated and after renovation works it became an elderly home with a capacity for 20 beds.

In 1987, the Day Care Centre with the capacity for 20 users began to operate in temporary facilities , close to , the primary 20 schools..

In 1997, the new Day Centre facilities were opened with a capacity of 30 users and, in the same location, started the construction of a nursing home that opened in 1999 with a capacity of 20 beds.

In 2002, with the opening of a new annex to the nursing home with more capacity 16 beds, the old premises of the Castle have been closed and all services have been centralized in one location.

Currently, assists 38 clients in Estrutura Residencial para Pessoas Idosas and 30 in day care, being the responsible governing bodies the General Assembly, composed of 3 elements, the Administrative Bureau, composed of 5 elements, and the Supervisory Board, composed of 3 elements.


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