Residential Framework for Older People

ERPI – The Residential Framework for Older People has the task of being a "family home" of their customers, needing assistance and support, contributing to the stabilization, autonomy or stimulation of active aging and social integration. Ensures the provision of the following services:

AccommodationNutrition andfoodPersonal hygiene, care of image and comfortClothes CareEnvironmental hygiene of the individual and collective spaces Occupational and personal developmentNursing ServiceMiscellaneous services / stepsBiopsissocial Monitoring


The SCMEvoramonte also carries out other activities that foster: The social life, through the relationship between the elderly and with the family and friends, employees and the community, according to their interests; The participation of the legal representative and / or family, in supporting the elderly, wherever possible and provided that such support contributes to greater well-being and psycho-affective balance customer.

Among the structural objectives that outline the strategy of ERPI elencam The following: Providing permanent and adequate services to the biopsychosocial problems of the elderly; Ensure the provision of appropriate care to meet the needs, with a view to maintaining the autonomy and independence and promoting their quality of life, enhancing social integration; Create conditions which preserve and encourage inter-family relationships; Forward and accompany the elderly to appropriate solutions to your situation and foster the active aging process.

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